Feb 21, 2014

Acupressure Support for these Remaining Winter Days // Portland Apothecary

Walking around Portland I can see evidence of Spring all around me. Hellebores are blooming, the scent of daphne and viburnum blooms are heavy in the air, and the catkins from the hazlenut are swaying in the wind. But last week we had blizzards (well in PNW terms) and wailing winds which make the transition period we are in even more obvious. I have an acupuncture practice, as well as my work here at Portland Apothecary, and I am seeing client after client come in exhausted. Working hard all Winter while the natural order of things asks for hibernation, and the nourishing of all restful Yin activities, begins to take its toll. I thought it would be a good idea to begin sharing some acupressure points with you to support you through the seasons to add to your herbal support. 

The above photo is from Peter Deadman's text A Manual of Acupuncture, a classic student text.

Kidney 3, or Taixi, is a powerful point on the Kidney channel that can help recharge your qi, yin and yang. If you are feeling rundown, tired, cold and/or a little weak this is a point that can be of great benefit to you. You can easily find this point by crossing your leg over your knee so you can reach the inside of your ankle. From there locate the highest point of your medial malleolus, or the bony circle, and move your hand towards the back of your ankle so you are positioned in the valley behind the malleolus. You can feel a pulsing right there. Gently press that point and hold for a few solid breaths in and out or until you feel nice and centered. Try this daily for a week or so and see if you notice the results. You can do this with both ankles or just one!

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