Aug 12, 2013

Natural Dyes Workshop

Yesterday, I spent the day at Wildcraft Studio School learning about natural dyeing. The workshop was called 'The Color of Place: Natural Dyes from Weeds & Wilds of The Columbia Gorge'. It was so much fun! Can I spend every weekend like this?! Learning the dyeing applications of plants I know from a herbal medicinal background was like learning an old friend has a secret hidden talent. I really appreciated interacting with these plants on this different level and the range of colors achieved was such a surprise. We experimented with Oregon Grape Root,  Horsetail, Walnut, Elderberry, Goldenrod and Queen Anne's Lace. My favorites were the Oregon Grape Root's rich purple/pink and the Walnut's deep shades of brown. We also learned a bit of Shibori techniques, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique of folding and stitching fabric to create patterns, which I hope to practice again soon.
Preparing Elderberry and Queen Anne's Lace dye bath


Chelsea and Maja

Chelsea's garden is full of food, flowers and dye plants

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