May 31, 2013

Visit to Wildcraft Studio School

We recently took a drive out through the Gorge to visit the Wildcraft Studio School. Located in White Salmon, Washington the property is rural and full of breathtaking views. We are so excited to be apart of the first summer of workshops out there. We'll be teaching a class on Seasonal Medicine with the focus being on Summer and slightly touching on Autumn preparedness. In the morning we'll take an herb walk and the afternoon will be a bit more hands on.

Chelsea has created a garden full of natural dye plants which she will use in her workshops this summer. Here is a picture of the garden just beginning to wake up from winter sleep.

The lunch at the workshop will be coming out of this beautiful hand built cob oven.

Gorgeous views up here. Chelsea and Kristen examining the spring plant life. 

Elie and Will the heartbreakingly cute Chihuahua, check out what's around the next corner on the trail. 

Our native columbine, Aquilegia formosa, so beautiful! These tiny flowers hid from our sight on the walk out but we spied them on the way home. Shy.

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